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Laurette Escobar

Laurette Escobar

Corpus Christi, TX - United States

I was born and raised in Texas. I've taken a few art classes here and there but never really have had a drive for it because I never felt my stuff would be taken seriously. Then I learned art is freer than that. It's not beholding to anything or anyone's ideal of it. It runs up and down the hall with scissors. It minds its manners. It smokes, it drinks, it prays, its a virgin, its a slut, it cooks and it dances. It's me and its you and as different as that may or may not be that is exactly what art is!

I am passionate about the freedom of art. That doesn't mean that I am in love with every genre out there but I can respect and appreciate the work and the technique it takes to make a piece. I may not want it in my living room but that's OK. Not everyone wants the same piece. Not everyone collects all across the board. Everyone has their own flavor and God bless them for that. Diversity is an awesome thing!

Much of my work is inspired by color, emotion and subject....although the latter is a very rare instance. I rarely do representational work. Most of my work is moody, abstract but somehow hopeful. At least I hope that is what the viewer takes away with them when they see my work.



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